Color Blocked journal cards – new

new printable journaling card kit available at 2peas today. three pages in 4×6 as well as 3×4 with and without grid backgrounds. and they’re only $2. woot!!

in other news it’s been quiet here at the kR blog as i’m working on a few new papery things that i’ll hopefully be able to show you next week sometime. super exciting time right now. ;)

also… i reopened the kR mixed media shop as well as my kR vintage shop this morning. a few of the stamps that have been relisted are the last ones i have (ledger, postcard, button card, school box silhouette). get em while you can ;)

happy tuesday!

project life | week 1 & 2

first off, i’m loving this. BIG. time.

second, i’m realizing that after putting together two weeks worth of entries i’m slowly finding my groove as to how i want to put the book together and how i want it to look. when i worked on week 1 i was all about trying to incorporate the journaling cards and embellies i had put together. matching them with pics and making sure that they all “coordinated” and worked visually in the slots.

for me that = too. much. work.

by the time i started on week 2 i was focusing on the pictures. BIG pictures. plus, i made two simple 6×12 layouts for the middle divider. that was super cool. i loved picking one story to incorporate and expand upon. definitely what i’m pretty sure i’ll be doing for the following weeks.

third… color scheme. i’m all about the pinks, blues, orange & yellows with this. i’m pretty sure that staying true to those colors is going to make this alot easier when i add the little extras, like washi. ooo. love the washi (well… who doesn’t right?!)

another note, this really took a long time to put together which surprised me. i thought it would be pretty fast and i’m hoping that also will change as i get more comfortable with the process.

are you doing it? what’s your fav and not so fav thing that you’ve discovered?

happy monday!

week 1 | kR Simply stated journaling cards (here) + miss tine journaling cards (here)

love that pic of me & the littles in the divider :)

date night with the man

lots of scraps from old kits

week 2 | i incorporated alot more digi aspects to the pics

love the dividers. love the skinny layout helping tell the story.


the front & back of the divider is focused on the same topic, volunteering for the littles classrooms. kinda cool to pull it all together with the journaling on the back.

did a 4×6 digi writeup of the major events that happened and put it in a slot. quick and gets the basics down.


how pL is helping me find my voice again

Back in october or november of last year i started playing really close attention to my friend lisa‘s posts about project life. i’d been watching her document over 2011, and i’ve always loved seeing her scrap pages, but it wasn’t until later in the year that i started feeling interested, like maybe pL could be something that could get me interested in scrapbooking again.  i was, at the time, on a long sabbatical from scrapping. i had no desire, for months on end mind you, actually (for most of 2011) to cut paper. the only time i made something was when i had to; for kit work, assignments and creating a few altered projects.

scrapbooking just wasn’t doing it for me. i thought i was done. i told many, many people who asked that “i was done scrapbooking”. no more, i don’t scrapboook. but what i began to realize the more i watched others create and then share their weekly pL pages is that what i was having a hard time doing was documenting and finding the words to share our stories. i was still taking pictures. i was still in love with scrapbooking. i was still wishing i would do more, but i had been doing it all wrong. in the past, 75% of the time my pages were all about the making. i was first cutting paper, then arranging, then finding a pic and then journaling. i was having fun and i was loving the creative craft of scrapbooking but i was lost when it came to finding my voice. i didn’t know what to say anymore because i wasn’t starting in the right place. i had become so backwards in my thinking, focusing on the making so much that i forgot how to say what i needed to say.

it’s like i lost my balance.

then, lisa posted this. and i realized, i need to do this. pL could help me find my voice again. and when i thought long and hard about it, i really wanted to get it back.

there’s a part of me that thinks it’s funny. because pL has become quite the ” new IN thing” this year, and i would normally let something like that turn me off. but you know what. it’s awesome that so many people are doing it. everyone has a story to tell. i may have had a hard time as of late documenting ours/mine but so far it’s been amazing. and i already have a few page ideas from my pL documenting & picture taking. and that is something that makes me very happy.

my goal this weekend? to spend some time getting all of my instagram pics i’ve been taking and all that journaling i’ve been saving in my organizer into my pL album.

happy friday!

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