meet lucy moon

meet lucy moon, the newest member to the household and oh so loved and adored. we didn’t intend to get a dog this past weekend, we’d been talking about getting one, yes, that is definitly what we were “talking” about. we just honestly didn’t think it would happen so soon, or on a day when it wasn’t what we had planned to do. but i’ve always been a believer that you are put in the right place for a reason, every turn has an intention behind it and a path in front of it.

our path on sunday was for lucy to find us.

it was an easy morning, we had breakfast at our favorite little croissant shop and then we were going to head to costco when the kids started asking about getting a pet. the hubs and i just kinda looked at each other and said ok, why not. meaning, for us, let’s start with a cat. a cat is a good start. fish first, cat second, dog third. right? oh no, so wrong. lol

so we decided to detour to the pet shop and we proceeded to load up on all the necessary cat supplies. bought them. walked out and there, sitting in a crate was lucy, and about 15 of her fostered friends, who had set up shop sometime when we were inside and they were just waiting for someone to give them a forever home. she was timid, sweet and just jelly in our hands. i think when you see a dog that belongs to you something just clicks in your heart. we didn’t have eyes for any of the others and she had a tail just thumping and thumping for us.

then we heard her story.

the woman who was fostering her had saved her from a high kill shelter in kern county when she saw her on the “list” to be put down. oh sob…. no, no, no! she got her and saved her and had only had her for about 2 weeks, intending to keep her til the right family came along. hello lucky us!! it was kismet.

so that was it…. we did it. adopted her right then and there and then walked right back into that store to return all of the cat stuff for dog stuff. just love that. it still kind of surprises me how much of a spur of the moment decision it was, the hubs is so not that kind of person, lol.  but it was one of the best decisions we have ever made as a family. she’s so perfect for us.

she’s our lucy moon and she’s in her forever home.

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