grateful | vintage signage banner

sometimes it’s the quick projects that can completely make my day. thanksgiving decor doesn’t really consist of much around here. some vintage turkey platters, some owl candles i scored at cost plus a few years ago and a few vintage beistle cutouts. i don’t know what it is about thanksgiving decor but i find most of it to be way too cutesy for my taste. i’ve been looking for some mercury glass inspired pieces this year, in a bronze & copper colorway, but haven’t found much that i like, so i haven’t gotten anything. whoa says me. yay says the husband. ;)

this banner however was a quick fix for the second fireplace mantel. the one that tends to be forgotten and under used. hence the lack of wall decor above it.

i have a big bin of two different styles of vintage general store signage that i scored at alameda on two separate occasions. usually i pick a word and have it hanging out on top of the bricks. this time i decided to hang it with some old twine and some clothespins. easy and fast and totally made my grateful heart’s day.

happy weekend my friends!







it’s a late start but i finally got some halloween decor up in the living room. i always get so excited when i open the holiday storage boxes, finding things i had forgotten about or items that were recently added. i found the light-up tombstone shadow box (here lies claire voyant, she never saw it coming) at tjmaxx last week. i’ve been trying to incorporate more vintage orange items into the mix, the 13 ball is definitely a favorite, as is the vintage war of the worlds book i purchased last fall at the alameda flea market. little rats from the dollar store. stacked pumpkins. more black dyed cheesecloth and a few glittery pumpkin boxes. now… to finish the family room mantel.

also… i picked my blog hop winner of the cut files, Jessica D.! i’ve already passed your email info along to Lisa so you should be receiving your cut files very soon.

happy monday!

sF | north beach

saturday afternoon, after the salvage yard, with my car full of chippy wood and windows, beth and i decided to head over to north beach to fill our tummies with some food. it really is one of the best places in the city for eats.

but before we ate, while we were trolling the back streets for a parking place i drove past this little shop, tucked a few blocks off columbus. i didn’t see much of it while driving by. just those huge marquee letters. that was enough, so i told beth we’d have to make a pit stop on the way to food. my instincts were on fire. food could wait. ;)

i think i might have swooned a little bit when we walked in. this was my kinda store people. the goods were amazing. if my pocketbook had held enough cash (and i had known the hubs wouldn’t kill me when i got home sunday night from rescuing more old things) i think almost all of it would have come home with me. i’m still kinda upset i didn’t buy (let alone take a pic of) the huge tulip educational picture that was sitting on the far wall out of the pic above. it. was. amazing.

this table though made up for it. everything on it was $1. i spent $24. i should have spent $100. i’m still kicking myself that i didn’t pile more into my hands of the 1800s parchments. they. are. amazing!

my loot. i bought pictures, parchments, antique french bill of sales checks. and i’m really smitten with my girl who looks like a pilgrim.

old papers make thee happy.

i’m a sucker for old pictures too. especially old houses and women.

i might have gasped really loudly when i found this beauty. *note. she was $1. she’s parisian. she’s 127 years old. she’d beautiful.

i’m still kinda swoony. it’s a word people.

today i’m working on some new things to share next week, including a really belated shadowbox i owe someone who’s been very, very, very patient with me while my mojo kerfluped. i’m making things made with things i found last weekend. i’m making things with stencils that a very talented friend sent me.

and i have to note. i’ve been really enjoying the time i’ve been taking to just make whatever my heart desires, even when i’m all over the place with where that is taking me. i’m experimenting. i’m exploring. it’s making me happier than i thought it would.

happy friday!


sF | the salvage yard

i’m a sucker for old things. things cast away and left behind. chipped. tattered. rusty. bent. so it’s probably no surprise that one of my most favorite haunts to hit in the city is the salvage yard. hidden way, way, way out in south of market and honestly, a little hard to find is the one place where i know i’ll always find something.

i was crossing my fingers big time when i asked beth on saturday morning if she’d like to go check it out. then i saw the twinkle in her eyes and knew. we were kindred spirits.

then we walked in the door. i think she might have gasped a little out loud.

there are piles upon piles of old doors, windows and chippy wood all stacked neatly in rows. and there are piles and piles of old rusty toilets too. but those aren’t very pretty to look at, so i skipped that photo-op.

this is my pile of pink wood that i snuck into the house monday morning after dropping the littles off at school in the man’s car. 30 boards of chippy old school wide plank moulding with a sage green underbase. i die.

and this is our new bookcase. i was a little scared to ask the guy what they wanted for it, because the price really depends on the person quoting and whether they like you or not. he obviously liked me. because it was $30.  and it’s huge, that picture is so deceiving, it’s almost as tall as me. ;)

and this is my cute little pile of chippy, rusty parts that i scored from the “barn”. i have so many ideas for this pile and those pieces, especially those huge hinges in the upper right.

and i have to note, you should have seen me trying to get it all into the car. beth was cracking up. we eventually had to cut all those pink boards in half {fine with me as it will save me the work of doing it at home…} and pile them on top of the bookcase. of course this was all after we spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how to get the broken seat to pull down. i mean really? the lever decides to break just when i’m trying to get all of this to come home with me? i almost thought i’d have to leave it all. *gasp* but if there’s one thing my mama taught me was to never give up when it comes to junk. much to my husbands dismay. ;)

the thrill of the hunt. it excites me. every. single. time.

happy wednesday!

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