greenery : making a glittery wreath

when we went to hunt our tree this past weekend i picked up two pre-made but undecorated wreaths at the farm. it’s one of the things i love most about the holidays, all the greenery that i place throughout our house. this year i decided not only was i going to get a wreath that i would decorate for the door but i bought a second one for the mantel in our family-room (will share that one later). our local craft store michales always has this amazing row of glittery stems so i purchased a few big piles of silver glittered eucalyptus leaves, gold glittered ferns and some velvety poinsettia stems. i just clipped each single stem from the large bunch (so i could add them as i wanted) and then wire them to the wreath base. sprinkle in some of the velvet poinsettias in a big bunch (i cut the stems apart as well) and fini. one BIG glittery wreath decorating the front door and a second one for the mantel.

goodness i love diy holiday decorating.

happy wednesday!




crafty soccer mama



it’s soccer season {go snowflakes!! go typhoons!!} and when the parent duties were passed out my friend co and i decided to make the banner for the girls team. as if having snatching up an opportunity to be creative surprises anyone.

i’ve had a love for the whole turning kids hand prints into something else ever since the littles created reindeer’s for their xmas present to us one year in preschool. obviously, we didn’t recreate the wheel with this banner idea, and i’m sure i’ve seen the handprints turned into snowflakes somewhere during my years of blog hopping, so that’s what we did.

we simply had the girls do double layered prints of their hands and then i wrote their names next to them with a fabric pen. after that co had the idea of adding fingerprint snowballs to fill in. it took one practice. then i painted the team name in the center which we left plain, sewed a looped casing at each end of the duck cloth {with the top opening sewn shut} and we put it up on pvc pipe supports.

simple. easy. and they LOVE it.

and i must say, this is the year i am an official soccer mom running from hither to tither each afternoon. dude. i have at least 11-12 more years of this. i love it but i’m tired already.

happy tuesday!

ps : did you see the JBS mercantile sneak email for September? gorgeous!!!

airplane bags

i just came across this pick of some some airplane bags that i made at the end of june for one of my best friends twins who were traveling to germany for a few weeks in july. E & N are my littles besties and since it was their birthday on july 1st i thought a little travel bag set, stuffed with some fun things to do on the plane ride would be a great gift for them. they measure about 10″ x 9″ and {of course i completely forgot to take pics of the contents} i stuffed each one with matching items; origami paper, marker pens, colored pencils, drawing pads, playdoh, stickers, some snacks and a few little toys.

the bags are just rectangular pieces of that great pre-pieced fabric {can’t remember the designer} that i sewed down one side and the bottom. then i sewed in a drawstring loop at the top, thread a piece of leather cording with beaded ends and then i added their initials at the front sewn on top of fabric patches. quick & easy plus i thought this way they were able to just stuff everything back in before landing for fast clean-up. super easy to make.

happy thursday!

latest pinspirational eye candy

pinned from

original : love the cotton buds tucked in

original : the brass bow is amazing

original : i have bins of vintage cashmere sweaters. must make.

i can’t seem to get the pinterest “embed thingie” to work in wordpress but i included links back to my pins so please click through to see the original poster who made each of these if you desire.

happy thursday!



getting it together

over the last month i’ve been spending the time that we’ve been here at home on home renovation restyling projects. remember back in may {right before the littles got out of school for the summer} when i was talking about the rearranging and my tackling of the giant to-do list? well, i’m getting there. i’m crossing things off the list alot more often than i thought i would.

a few weeks ago, before some family things came up and before our BIG family reunion in southern california i started tackling the front room {which also includes the dining room}. it seemed like such a big project. the mantle was a hodge podge of picture frames that didn’t match and a diy inspiration board that never really got finished. not really the sort of setting that i wanted guests to experience when they walked through our front door. plus, if i didn’t like it what in the world was it all there for?

so i took everything down and made a pile on the dining room table and started fresh. alot of the items that are on the mantle now were scattered around the house, in drawers being saved for something or on the fireplace mantle in the family room or out in the studio. but this room is more rustic than the fm and i really love all the woody things i gathered, mixed in with some red {to counter the couch fabric} and metal, because metal is always good.

that huge mirror isn’t really what i want up there, i’m thinking i want to mix it up with something diy’d like this, which i pinned the other day. aren’t those signs amazing? so now that project is on the list. i do however love all of my old vintage wooden levels and i need to take a closer pic of that sweet little picture frame with the five silhouettes. it’s from the turn of the century and i found it at the goodwill in san francisco and the cutest woman is posing with a different expression in each little opening. love.

this couch is still my little lover. a christmas present from my inlaws a few years ago and it’s down and squishy and that chintz still makes me so happy. the extra cushions need to be done in something different, i need some contrast, i’m thinking something like these {which i also pinned the other day} but in a different large scale print. blissful home has some amazing architectural prints like this london scene {oh gosh, they’re on sale!!} or even some diy jack flag pillows in linen like this one. see… the list gets longer.

some comfy magazines to look at {that’s my friend lisa’s project on the cover of sL, cute right?} although these are older because i seem to only download them on the iPad now. one day i’ll show you the tower of old mags i keep saving for inspirational tear sheets. maybe.

and my french door cabinet. this was the first real piece of grown-up furniture i ever bought. that green is feeling a little stale now, not really a hue i’m into anymore so i guess one of these days i’ll paint it a fresh new hue. right now it stores all of my precious art history books from college and my travels. i never read them anymore but there’s some serious college loan cash invested in there and good memories so i can’t seem to let them go.

so all in all, i’m getting it together, crossing something off the list each day. and even though it seems i add more than i cross off it’s the getting something done part, the doing or the making, that has been so fun. nesting. making this house a home. a comfortable, beautiful home.

happy tuesday!

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