marching right along

that’s about all i got for an explanation for february, it was the month of concentrating on work & play. moulin rouge is in two weeks. planning a collab kit with jbs…. woot!! spending as much time with my husband and littles and friends as possible. life gets crazy sometimes. you get it, i know you do. we all do ;)

busy & happy & marching right along…. that’s what this month will be like too ;)

friday night i’ll be hanging out at the new jbs forum chatting after 8pm pst {10 cst, 11 est} during our first online crop and hopefully you’ll come say hi so i’m not lonely ;) lots of challenges and fun ways to earn some prizes if you’d like and i may be able to spill some beans about that my jbs collab i mentioned above. maybe….

now i’m off to make some things with the march jbs mercantile kit {the boy add-on is divine btw} as i haven’t had a chance to play with it yet.

happy tuesday. happy march!

52.5 | white space

i’ve been participating in kim’s 52 week project self portrait challenge since the beginning of the year and just love it. taking a few moments, or an hour depending on my mood, to document me has been wonderful. so often throughout the past few years, while taking care of my children i have fallen into a groove and forget to see myself. i’ve fallen victim to the easiness of motherhood & homekeeping & home working without remembering that i am an independant woman. i need to take care & take notice of me.

it’s so easy for me personally to simply repeat the daily agenda without regards to the fact that it’s a new day. wake up. shower. get dressed. get the littles off to school. chores. tasks. work from home. pick up the littles. speech. after school activities. homework. errands. shuttling from here to there. dinner. bathtime. bedtime. repeat.

stopping each week has helped me slow down. notice myself. actually look in the mirror to register what i am wearing today. that i need a haircut. that i am and should always be an active participant in my life.

come join us, it’s turning into a beautiful journey.

happy friday

52.4 : wordless wednesday

52.2 the daily

there are only two ways to live your life. one is as though nothing is a miracle. the other is as though everything is a miracle.
albert einstein

52.1 random : 52 week project

1. i fall asleep every night to househunters international. it’s my version of white noise.

2. i bought two pairs of cute shoes that i adore this past fall but every stinkin day i wear my multi eyelet cons instead.

3. i cut my bangs last week. by myself. HUGE. mistake.

4. i’m on a declutter-cleaning streak in the house {i cleaned the kitchen floor monday on my hands & knees. i know!!} but our garage is a freakin mess.

5. i want to bake a different cake every saturday this year. martha’s applesauce cake is first.

6. i’ve been watching weeds {on season 3} and think nancy is a trainwreck and needs to get a backbone. but i love it.

7. i need to take more pics with me in them this year, i used to, but stopped for some reason. this is numero uno.

happy friday!

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