project life | week 1 & 2

first off, i’m loving this. BIG. time.

second, i’m realizing that after putting together two weeks worth of entries i’m slowly finding my groove as to how i want to put the book together and how i want it to look. when i worked on week 1 i was all about trying to incorporate the journaling cards and embellies i had put together. matching them with pics and making sure that they all “coordinated” and worked visually in the slots.

for me that = too. much. work.

by the time i started on week 2 i was focusing on the pictures. BIG pictures. plus, i made two simple 6×12 layouts for the middle divider. that was super cool. i loved picking one story to incorporate and expand upon. definitely what i’m pretty sure i’ll be doing for the following weeks.

third… color scheme. i’m all about the pinks, blues, orange & yellows with this. i’m pretty sure that staying true to those colors is going to make this alot easier when i add the little extras, like washi. ooo. love the washi (well… who doesn’t right?!)

another note, this really took a long time to put together which surprised me. i thought it would be pretty fast and i’m hoping that also will change as i get more comfortable with the process.

are you doing it? what’s your fav and not so fav thing that you’ve discovered?

happy monday!

week 1 | kR Simply stated journaling cards (here) + miss tine journaling cards (here)

love that pic of me & the littles in the divider :)

date night with the man

lots of scraps from old kits

week 2 | i incorporated alot more digi aspects to the pics

love the dividers. love the skinny layout helping tell the story.


the front & back of the divider is focused on the same topic, volunteering for the littles classrooms. kinda cool to pull it all together with the journaling on the back.

did a 4×6 digi writeup of the major events that happened and put it in a slot. quick and gets the basics down.


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4 Responses to “project life | week 1 & 2”

  1. Rebecca Lovell Says:

    These look great! I’m doing it to, and totally loving it! I’m finding that I just need to make it my own though. The first couple of weeks, trying to make sure everything matched and looked good together took WAY too long. Now, I don’t care if things match – it’s eclectic, like me. And I’m not necessarily doing it by week. It started that way, but then I saw I could end a page at the end of January, and I suddenly decided I wanted to do this by month. Then, I can put some sort of dividers or something in it when I find some I want to use or make. And I’m also trying to work on it almost daily (though many days do go by where I don’t.) I find if I make just a pocket or two a day, it doesn’t take up a lot of time. Just my little 2 cents! :)

  2. lisa truesdell Says:

    love this! and yes, it gets faster. i promise. =)

  3. Rachel Says:

    This is lovely! Beautiful color, pics, etc. Everything is so color coordinated and fabulous!

  4. tammy b Says:

    wow, great job. isn’t it great when you get clarification through the process?

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