sF | the salvage yard

i’m a sucker for old things. things cast away and left behind. chipped. tattered. rusty. bent. so it’s probably no surprise that one of my most favorite haunts to hit in the city is the salvage yard. hidden way, way, way out in south of market and honestly, a little hard to find is the one place where i know i’ll always find something.

i was crossing my fingers big time when i asked beth on saturday morning if she’d like to go check it out. then i saw the twinkle in her eyes and knew. we were kindred spirits.

then we walked in the door. i think she might have gasped a little out loud.

there are piles upon piles of old doors, windows and chippy wood all stacked neatly in rows. and there are piles and piles of old rusty toilets too. but those aren’t very pretty to look at, so i skipped that photo-op.

this is my pile of pink wood that i snuck into the house monday morning after dropping the littles off at school in the man’s car. 30 boards of chippy old school wide plank moulding with a sage green underbase. i die.

and this is our new bookcase. i was a little scared to ask the guy what they wanted for it, because the price really depends on the person quoting and whether they like you or not. he obviously liked me. because it was $30.  and it’s huge, that picture is so deceiving, it’s almost as tall as me. ;)

and this is my cute little pile of chippy, rusty parts that i scored from the “barn”. i have so many ideas for this pile and those pieces, especially those huge hinges in the upper right.

and i have to note, you should have seen me trying to get it all into the car. beth was cracking up. we eventually had to cut all those pink boards in half {fine with me as it will save me the work of doing it at home…} and pile them on top of the bookcase. of course this was all after we spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how to get the broken seat to pull down. i mean really? the lever decides to break just when i’m trying to get all of this to come home with me? i almost thought i’d have to leave it all. *gasp* but if there’s one thing my mama taught me was to never give up when it comes to junk. much to my husbands dismay. ;)

the thrill of the hunt. it excites me. every. single. time.

happy wednesday!

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7 Responses to “sF | the salvage yard”

  1. laurie andrew Says:

    I did teach you well :)

  2. berta Says:

    I was just in SF yesterday!! I go back in two weeks, I see where I will be going after!! Love the pink wood!

  3. Amy Says:

    Wow.I need to check this place out. I’m sorry I haven’t even been to Sonoma County’s Recycle Town although I have made it to Heritage Salvage.

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