a lack of motivation

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the desire to be making things has been a struggle lately, i am struggling to be creative in the way that is familiar to me. it seems a bit weird, considering i had a burst of inspiration last month but others things happening in my life have sucked all of that style and type of interest right out the window. in reality i think it started when the sadness from recent deaths began surrounding me and made me realize that my interests in what i want to make is shifting. time is precious.

my do time, my making time has become precious.

i’ve gone out to the studio numerous times in the last few weeks and i have hated everything that i have started. hated. meaning every single piece has ended up in the garbage can. i’m not sure that i’m interested in the simple act of the way i used to make things and the ways that i have, up to this point, told stories. to be honest i’ve felt this way for quite a while now, it’s one of the reasons that i closed down the kR kit club. i love to cut paper, i do. i love to look at pattern and texture and figure out a way to combine them on a page. but the desire to do more than that is growing and honestly, it’s becoming a more important passion for me. i want to experiment more. i want to learn how to make more.

i want to sew and make jewelry and collages and hand bound books and anything else that my heart leads me to.

it’s a shift i have seen and felt and heard from other friends and probably a simple tide that is more common than i realize. so i’m taking some time to be quiet. to walk away from the table and get  a better feeling for what it is i want to do from this moment forward.

even if all that leads to is time tearing up books so that i can find my voice again.


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9 Responses to “a lack of motivation”

  1. Angela Fehr Says:

    I can relate. I just took a big plunge in choosing to step away from “watercolour artist” to direct my site and identity more as “artist.” I want to be able to explore whatever I creatively desire, and feeling guilty about not putting in painting time was not helping. It’s scary though. What I want to do (craft) doesn’t get as much respect as being a professional painter, and I think that’s kept me from making the change for a long time. And my husband said, “What took you so long?” when I told him.
    I don’t feel the same drought you are feeling, but I think finding a way to “find your voice” is an important step – however it is done.

  2. Valerie Says:

    It is okay to take some time for your self. You will get your enthusiasm back for creating if you do not push it. Beautiful textured and vintage photo. V

  3. Berta Says:

    I lost my job and right now I have more time to creat than ever and I am getting nothing done??? I was looking forward to having more free time and now, with no time constraints, it is too easy to fritter the time away!
    Maybe try something totally new to you? A craft you have never done before? I hope you are back crafting soon, no matter what the media!

  4. Dina Says:

    Sing it.

  5. Teresa O Says:

    Wonderful photo, but your words hit home. I understand all too well how you’re feeling. I read something today that you may find inspiring, too. “I can live out of my imagination, instead of my memory.” Stephen R. Covey

  6. Helen Says:

    This made me reflect, as I’ve had a good long while feeling like this, I think due to a lack of ‘me’ time, having two young children and dedicating my spare time, recently, to exercise. I’ve recently started scrapping in earnest again, after a period of embroidery and quilting, and have to say that as long as I’m doing something with my hands (be this paper crafting, sewing etc) that eases that need I have to be creative. I look forward to seeing where you experiments take you – you have such amazing natural talent for colour and texture that anything you turn your hand to will be amazing!!!

  7. erin Says:

    you are SO not alone…so NOT alone, KL! last year, i was burnt. crispy fried burnt. so, this january, i worked, worked and worked harder to make changes happen. they started to by mid march…it’s all good until our youngest was diagnosed in july. now, every single time i sit down to create…my process is different. goes way beyond the “page” for assignments, and has me playing with fabric, looking more into mixed media, etc. no idea what it all means. just appreciate you sharing your voice here, it has helped me with mine! sort. it. all. out. big LOVE!~

  8. Erin Says:

    Being forced to create and creating for the love of it are completely different.
    You’re changing, so everything about you is changing, too.
    Find your new ‘you’, and the new art that comes with it — and enjoy the ride!

  9. Katie Watson Says:

    I so completely understand what you are saying. I really had no idea you were in this place also. I started growing out of it as my life started changing. I, also am waiting for it to come back in a new form. You can’t hurry art. :) Can’t wait to see what you do with it all.

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